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Shaved Ice / Kakigōri(かき氷) | Postcard

Shaved Ice / Kakigōri(かき氷) | Postcard

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Kakigōri(かき氷) is a populer Japanese summer dessert made in crushed/shaved ice and syrups, sometimes topped with pieces of fruits. Popular flavours include strawberries, mango, matcha⁠ with red beans (azuki) and small rice cakes.⁣

About the product

This high-quality postcard is printed on thick laminated feel white matter paper. It's the perfect addition to a gift or as a small room decor.

  • 4/4 full bleed
  • 300 GSM
  • Paper thickness: 0.13″ (0.34 mm)
  • White matte back

Size guide(one size)

(inches) (cm)
Height 6 15.2
Width 4 10.1