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About the Artist

Akane Yabushita

Travel as if you were to die tomorrow. Grow as if you were to live forever.

ー partly quoted from Mahatma Gandhi 

Akane Yabushita

Akane is a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer originally from Japan. She is also an avid traveller and living nomadically while working on a remote basis with international clients.

Her hand-drawn based illustrations reflect the world’s rich and diverse cultures and her playful letterings speak inspiring travel quotes, lyrics and life’s motto. These artworks are inspired by her long-term travelling across the globe with a deep influence of 80-90s pop culture and an education of Japanese calligraphy from her childhood.

Her approach to travel slowly enables her to take time for finding out new cultures and to build deeper connections with new people while immersing herself in the local environment. These multicultural experiences broadened her perspective of life and have become the major creative inspiration.

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